In recent years I have developed and delivered three main modules: Doing Film, Media and Cultural Studies (Level 4), which is both an introduction to academic techniques as well as the interface between media theory and practice; Media, Technology and Culture (Level 5), which takes a thematic look at the ambiguous relationships of media technology and media culture via historical and contemporary examples; and The Mediated City (Level 6), which encourages students to examine some comparatively unconventional forms of ‘media’ as they appear across urban spaces and city life, largely through an online urban media inventory assignment. I also co-teach Theoretical Perspectives on Media with Dr Tim Markham, an interdisciplinary postgraduate module which brings together politics, sociology, geography and philosophy to think about how media is ‘lived’ or experienced both in our everyday lives as well as more formalised fields of media production.

I have also contributed to other undergraduate modules such as Journalism in British Life, Media Analysis, Journalism and Politics, Globalisation and Media Cultures and Research Methods in Media Studies, alongside postgraduate modules such as Creative Industries: Theory and Context, Cultures of Globalisation; History, Theory, Methods and Teaching the Arts in Higher Education. In 2011, Dr Sophie Hope, Dr Lorraine Lim and I co-organized a special postgraduate workshop series titled Doing Research Amongst Technologies: Multimedia, Mulitple Methods and Research Practice Today.

During my doctoral and postdoctoral years, I also taught on (or helped administer) a range of courses in the areas of urban studies and geography, including: Contemporary Urbanism (London School of Economics); Readings in Geography (King’s College London); Directed Readings in Geography (King’s College London); Cultural Landscapes – North American Style (King’s College London); Researching Geography (King’s College London); and Understanding Cities (The Open University).

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The heat of approaching term time
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