Ordinary Digital Humanities: Video of symposium with Lesley Gourlay, Grace Halden and Tim Markham

by Scott Rodgers on June 5, 2017

colorful-dirty-computer-keyboardAn edited video is now available for the ‘Ordinary Digital Humanities’ symposium that I organised during Birkbeck Arts Week in mid-May 2017. The event asked what might it mean to think about the digital humanities as ordinary, and focused on the implications of digitisation at the level of everyday academic life – beyond, or perhaps prior to, the ‘cutting edge’. In opens with a presentation by Dr Lesley Gourlay (UCL Institute of Education) on ‘Flickering texts and the writing body: Posthuman perspectives on the digital university’, followed by responses from Birkbeck’s Dr Grace Halden and Professor Tim Markham. The symposium was hosted by Satellite (website forthcoming), a working group in Birkbeck’s School of Arts focused on the critical, creative, academic and pedagogical dimensions of learning technologies.

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